Life And Death Peter Sellers

What should I get my boyfriend for Christmas?

So I’ve been having a bit of trouble finding the perfect gift my boyfriend. I bought him a DVD, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers the HBO special, as Peter Seller is his hero and I thought he might like it. Unfortunately when we were watching TV tonight the movie randomly came into conversation & he made it clear he would absolutely hate the film as he’d seen a part of it & thought it portrayed Peter Sellers very poorly. ACCK!! So I’m taking the DVD back tomorrow & I don’t know what to do. I’m going to buy him a watch, but I want to get him something really great, something he’d actually really love. And I don’t know! He loves comedians, british comedians mostly as he IS british, but I don’t know too much on the subject. Also I know he’d like a black, long Men’s Double breasted pea-coat but I don’t know where to find one at a decent price. My time is limited as I have to work damn nearly every day this week & it’s too late to buy things online. Any ideas? He loves wacky stuff. AH!!

I’m guessing he’s seen and/or owns every Peter Sellers movie he wants? Does that include Being There? Because Being There is a FABULOUS movie.
And if he does have that movie, consider Harold and Maude, which has a similar tone (same director). Or Royal Tennenbaums, which is also high-brow wacky.

Maybe something with John Cleese, like the DVD set of Faulty Towers?

Maybe Animaniacs or Ren and Stimpy, two totally amazing and wacky cartoons from the 90s?

As far as other wacky stuff goes, I love this Poker set based on the famously tacky Dogs Playing Poker paintings.

Or consider a toy like the Creepy Crawlers oven–your boyfriend sounds like he enjoys being goofy. This will let him make his own plastic bugs while pretending he’s still a lad.

Or maybe some pints of Guinness and some really heinous beer steins?