Life And Death Of Peter Sellers

Obsessed with the past?

Not even my past, the fact I wasn’t born seventy years ago during the 1950’s… Will NEVER get to meet Oskar Werner, Elsa Schiaperelli (sp?), Dali, Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Bobby Darin, Francois Truffant, Stanley Kubrick.
And I was wondering, does anyone else get like this?
Pathetic I know.

(ALSO, ‘The Life and Death of Peter Sellers’ anyone know if its on the internet!?)

No it’s not pathetic.

I get like this too.
The past seems so much better.

I get quite obsessed with Ancient Egypt [yeah, I know a lot of people do]. I’m completely smitten with it.

And I love the literature and films and artwork and music and theatrical work from “before”. Periodical clothes too. I hate most modern day culture. But… we have great technology… hmmm.. But, the old stuff just seems to have been done so much better.

(and no, i dont know if thats on the net!)