Life And Death Of Owen Hart

After getting punch by wrestling fan, Will CM Sucks Finally Shut up now?

Who did he think he is? by Insulting American Tax Payers, who used there hard earned money to see a wrestling show.. CM Sucks was Judgmental and kept calling them stupid, Lets not forget he made a Mockery of Owen Hart death…pretending to Jump off the WWE Titantron..

Finally Wrestling fans has had enough, of him Insulting every one of us..He is a World Class Jackass, Who believes he is better then he is.Someone needs to tell CM Sucks Get a Life!!! I’m glad somebody Punch him in his face.. and I’m happy he was blooded after that good Smack that fans should be rewarded..

He Did that for all those, who are not fans of CM Punk

First of all he did NOT make a mockery of Owen Harts death. I don’t know if Cena fans get this or not, but he was ONLY DOING WHAT THE WRITERS AND VINCE MCMAHON told him he HAD TO DO. So he was just following orders. Are you old enough to understand that part of it?
Cena insults his fans all the time anymore. He says he is about honesty and all that garbage. Yet during the Nexus thing he was NOT honest at all. But then again that was the worthless wwe writers and Vince McMahon, so I blame them and NOT Cena.
Anyone that thinks it is okay to hit someone when ALL THEY ARE DOING IS THEIR JOB THAT SOMEOME MADE THEM DO, is not very smart.
Also Cena and his fans need to GROW the bleep up and stop the STUPID 5’th grade CM Sucks garbage. Only a 5’th grader would say something that LAME.