Life And Death Of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s Death?

On June 25th, 2009, the king of Pop (Michael Jackson) died. Supposdley,Michael’s doctor, Conrad Murray, injected Michael with a shot of Denerol, a powerful painkiller, used mostly in E.R.’s.

In my opinion, I think Dr. Murray should face some type of charges for taking the life of Michael Joseph Jackson..

So, do you think Conrad Murray should face charges? If so, what kind? And why he should.

That medication is used in operating rooms to help sedate patients… and I think that he should lose his medical license and should be charged with involuntary manslaughter…. I don’t think he pre meditated killing him so he can’t be charged with Murder, but definitely some type of manslaughter charge should be brought against him. Hell when people get in car accidents and someone winds up dead they can be charged with manslaughter… so why not a doc for administering meds in an irresponsible manner? He should have known better….

To Sassy… Just because some other doctor would have given it to him doesn’t make it right OR ethical to do… He should be charged for his lack of judgement, and to set an example for other doctors out there so that we don’t lose any other wonderful artists… just becuase they have money doesn’t mean we should give them everything they want.