Life And Death Of Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr eulogy please help?

I’m currently doing an assignment and I found myself very stuck.
This is my criteria “ In the character of a Baptist minister, deliver a eulogy at the funeral of Martin Luther King, describing the impact during his life and the impact his death will have on black and white society. “
I’m not sure how to write it or how to start please help me ……. its due next week!
This is an oral presentation
Very much appreciated thank you.

Here are 4 eulogies for 3 famous people. I don’t suggest you copy one but it gives an idea of what it can ‘sound’ like.

Few tips:
* DON’T list all his accomplishments. It is a eulogy and it should be about the person..not his job.
* Keep it short. It should be an impression of that person. People can always read the biography later.
* Make how you feel about that dead person the theme of the speech. How did his life and death make you feel….If it did not make you feel can say so but be sensitive about it.

A famous line of dr. King is “I have a dream today!!”
Shakespeare had a famous line to…”To be or not to be… …and in that sleep of death, what dreams may come.”
Maybe you can use that?