Life And Death Of Jesus

Was Jesus’ life or death more important?

To give a backdrop I am agnostic used to be southern baptist. I have great respect for many religions and see faults in all as well. Although that does not discount their value. That being said I thought it would be interesting to see where christians and non-christians fall on this.
I believe his life was more important as an example of caring for those around you and putting forth the effort to help others in small ways can make a big difference. As well as putting the welfare of other before self interest.

(Belief is not a requirement to answer he at the very least exists as a literary figure. I even get a kick out of the sarcastic atheist comments to lighten the mood. So let fly.)

Both; because if He didn’t live perfectly, dying for our sins would be worthless; but His death is important, because if He didn’t die for them, we wouldn’t have a chance to be saved.