Life And Death Mc

Is there "life after death?

I thought about that while you work ….. We are all made ​​of matter and matter can be compared to E ^ sl (2) – matter / energy is what we are. So if someone (in my case) 25 light years and had a large telescope showing me – they made me birth. If you watched and the last time I saw my first birthday, the first day of school, etc. …… So I think this …. we never "die" – our life is (in the form of light / energy or matter, even) travel somewhere in the universe at light speed. You just need someone to look in the right direction at the right time ……

Yes, I Can you give at least 100 tests is a after life. Jesus Christ is my first attempt. His resurrection can not be silenced because people have seen and touched his glorified body. Then there are the apparitions of the Blessed Mother of Lourdes in France and elsewhere. The 98 others who have to look in the book of saints who were also made appearances to those who remain. Peace and blessings!