Life And Death Lost

W’s Administration….Indictable?

Anybody who’s lived in the US for the past 8 years has watched with horror the 1st and 2nd of George W. Bush’s administrations.It’s probably never happened before but can’t the next presidential administration have the US Attorney General draw up charges against everyone involved with the Bush Administration? There’s no shortage of charges, think about it…Wronful death(lives lost during the Iraq war) Abuses against humanity(Abu Garhib and others) gross incompetence(pick any instant)mismanagement of government funds, commiting acts bordering on waging exapansionist war for profit(Iraq’s oil, invading foreign territory on false pretenses( the phantom WMDs) Obstruction of justice(we still don’t know the whole truth behind 9/11). I’m just saying , man .We tried to call Clinton for messing around with a chubby secretary. We can certainly bring W and company to task for everything that’s happened. We have to do this , “or the terrorists win”.

Watch out for those black helecopters lurking outside your bedroom window! And you’d better secure the aluminum foil around your head.

You’re not living in the real world. You’re a victim of B.D.R. (that’s Bush Derangement Syndrom). Get help!

But it might be too late already.

** Sigh **

Another victim of liberalism. How sad.

Vote for Rudy!