Life And Death Images

imagine yourself died?

Visualize yourself died

imagine yourself beyond life and death.

Allow images like that
do you think the life was so cruel
was you clinging to ended life?
are you deeply convince of the passed life? or you will say i’m sorry i was sinner
would you like continuing the buried underneath or you may want another chance to reschedule your life
what are the things you’re supposed to do?
say any things you need to correct and how can you help improve your life if you get another chance

WHEW!!! That isn’t even PIGEON English… but I think I got the drift of your “question.”

If I died, and viewed my past life, would I want to remain dead or be given another life in order to make changes?

The answer is… I would remain dead in the physical form, but my spirit would be transformed into a new body. As for your suggestion of a reincarnated life, NO THANKS!!! Once is QUITE enough for me! The only thing holding me here on earth is God’s will that He has not taken me to him yet. Otherwise, my preference is to be with my Lord forever!

Have a blessed day.