Life And Death Game Online

Which is better? an Xbox 360 or PS3?

Ok, if I want to buy a console game but idk which to get. Xbox is i love online know they have a wider range of games because consoles was more than the PS3. but I heard they have a high failure rate 35% of people called the red ring of death, they are prolonging life is short. and the PS3 does not have a high failure rate, but do not know if the graphics are as good or better than the 360 ​​.. 1. N / A The best graphics 2.IS PS3 ONLINE GAME GOOD? 3. AND WHAT IS UR GENERAL favorite and why? Thankss (=

Let me answer that good so that you can. GAMES: They have almost all the same games. The 360 ​​does not have the size of a game as they say variety, each party has 360, the PS3 is probably too much. PS3 exclusive games are better if ordered. No game on 360 was not able to match Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3 only). GRAPHIC: PS3 has better graphics, no doubt about it. PS3 Killzone 2 is not a game and 360 may correspond graphical representation of Killzone 2. It is impossible for 360 but not 360, which points. But still Its graphics are good. RELIABILITY: The PS3 has the best reliability, the 360 ​​has terrible reliability. I used to 33% of people who had a 360 break, but in a recent survey by GameInformer, the 360 ​​had a failure rate of 54.2%. PS3 has a failure rate of 10%. Although I have not met many people of what PS3 was really there to break down a lot. But this poll was taken by people who play on your PS3 05.03 hours. So do not worry your PS3 do not break down not. But I can not say on the 360. ONLINE GAME: Playing online is the same, nothing else, except for the fact that you must pay the 360 ​​and PS3 is free. 360 has several applications, however, but I do not use them if they are useless. I played the game online, I can do on a PS3 Free. In conclusion, the games are more or less equal but the PS3 has better exclusives, superb graphics on both, but the PS3 has better graphics, reliability in 360 is shit, online play is the same with the exception of costs. PS3 Blu-ray on the road to high definition. Thus, the PS3 is better. Both are $ ……………………………. 299 to choose wisely … Lou Saynus is a liar. You make a PS3 game, but not a PS3 game. PS3 has more games for children? By the way, Xbox Live has many times you fall, PS3 and never does. Its never abandoned me, but Xbox Live is a couple of times a year.