Life After Life

Does anyone know how life is after a bone marrow transplant?

My boyfriend was diagnosed with Leukemia in August and will has to get a bone marrow transplant… has anyone dealt with this that can me some tips on what to expect? How is life after this? Please be honest also, Doctors do not tell you anything that prepares you for home life, the rest of your life ect… thanks

Actually, if the bone marrow transplant takes, your boy friend will live a normal happy healthy life with no restrictions. Before the transplant, he will be on chemotherapy, to kill off the old marrow. This is the dangerous time, where he can get sick and not have a functioning immune system (immune cells are made by the bone marrow) to fight with. At that time, anyone who is sick or thinks they may be sick should stay away from him. All fruits must be peeled or cooked, and he can’t eat any raw veggies unless they have been very thoroughly washed.
Until the marrow transplant is completed, he may be isolated in the hospital in a special room.
The good news is, bone marrow transplants are very successful in young people, generally, the younger you are, the better your chances of beating leukemia. Once the new marrow transplant is successful, he will have a normal immune system, and a normal blood stream, so he will have no restrictions on his life beyond those we should all be doing, like practicing safe sex, washing our hands, etc.