Life After Divorce

life after divorce
How is life after a divorce for me?

I am 14 years old with two younger sisters and my mom wants to get a Divorce from my dad. I dont think my dad knows about it though. They have been fighting but it is just over a simple little argument. My mom thinks my dad doesn’t love her anymore but he does love her. I just need help on how life is for a teenager after parents get a divorce. (If they do decide to get it done). Please Help Me.

I know this must be tough for you.

It all depends on how they decide to be with you…. does dad disappear… does mom…. do they yell and scream at each other often or are they mature and reasoned in how they related….. do they know how to communicate and problem solve in a mature way…. can they look beyond their differences at you and your needs? How do they treat each other once the divorce process starts and how does it all end. If they bicker and fight often, if they hate each other, if they’re unable to set aside their differences and look instead at how to be with their children, it will be hell for you.

On the other hand, if they are able to see that their future is about how they’ll take care of the children (you) and make efforts to set aside their hostilities…. it will be painful and scarey at first, but over time everyone will adjust and things may actually be much better afterwards. My ex-wife and I decided early on that it would be about our 2 kids and our differences would need to be set aside. We’ve become best of friends and the kids have actually grown, benefited and are much happier (so they tell us) now than prior to the divorce.

In the end, your experience will be determined by how they relate to each other. You can be a part of the process by sharing your fears/concerns with both of them.

Good luck!