Life After Death Stories

Signs of life after death?

A little while ago my father passed away. I miss him terribly and was wondering if anyone who has lost a loved one ever received any signs that they are still around or that they are alright and still exist somewhere. Has anyone ever received signs of life after death? Has anyone had any experiences that make them believe that their loved one who has passed on still exists and lives on?
Thank you for your stories. I personally have not received any signs but would love to hear about those that have. Makes one feel like my father still exists somewhere.

Many people have dreams or experiences that they assume to mean a connection to life after death, but it is more based in the need for comfort after loss. Psychologically speaking, they are rather predictable and sometimes quite common.

Death however, following all the actual evidence in existence, is the end of human life.

Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear, but you are certainly welcome to believe otherwise instead. There are plenty who insist some knowledge of what exists beyond life, so find whatever that comforts you here.

Personally, I say you should remember the life of a lost loved one. Pass on what you see as important aspects of life to others. It’s best to remember the aspects that define our lives, instead of allowing ourselves to focus on the loss.