Life After Death Raymond Moody

Has anyone read the book called life after life?

It is a classic best seller that offers astonishing proof of a life after physical death.The book is written by Dr Raymond A Moody,JR..MD.
With a forward by Dr Elizabeth Kubler Ross
a well known Doctor of psychiatry, it is a fabulous book that will convince you of meeting your loved ones again, and it will leave you feeling happy.

Yes, Suzie, I have and I also recommend it highly. Many years ago my Mother and Dad would baby-sit for their neighbors. They had a beautiful little blond hair girl. One weekend the parents were at a hayride out in the country and the little girl fell off of the hay wagon/trailer and was run over by the wheel and was killed. Everyone was just devastated and consumed with grief. After a couple of weeks the parents came by to visit with Mom and Dad and brought them the book that you mention, “Life after Life” The book did help Mom and Dad in their grieving process as it did also for the poor parents. Later they gave me the book (Paper Backed) which I read several times. I have bought several copies since and gave it to people who were suffering a loss. If people have any hesitation in accepting what the Bible tells them about a life that is everlasting perhaps this book will make them true believers. The book is factual and not based on a religion or religious beliefs.