Life After Death Proofs

Proof of Life after death?

Before you comment, read “Life Goes On”:

If you didn’t read it, you aren’t up on the latest research. The study involved cases where brain activity was confirmed to have ceased as well as cessation of heart activity. Consciousnes survived during the absence of brain activity. There was no mistake. This is evidence that consciousness is non-local.

How does this evidence affect your view of life after death?

I met a person in Brazil who had the near-death experience after a car crash and he told me the same thing. He could see his body and the tunnel and he felt good and in peace, but a voice said to him “not yet” and he came back to life.

I believe in life after death, I believe in reincarnation, I believe we all go to a place where is full of love. We will all be there, no matter the religion.

See you there!