Life After Death Proof

Is there any theoretical proof of life after death?

By life i mean existence of consciousness’ . No Jesus Christ/Reincarnation/Near Death Experience mumbo jumbo please. Science only.
I don’t believe in religion and the NDE is hallucination(read bullshit).
yea this seems like an oxymoron ..i think i meant some sort of theory that can be verified with current knowledge in science and whatnot..i know energy cannot be destroyed but then our soul is as special/individual as the electricity in a light bulb..

Actually, there is no acceptable ‘proof’ that Life is as we imagine it. This is being picky, but there is also no such thing as “theoretical’ proof, if it could be proven it would stop being a theory. There are plenty of theories, but the only real empirical evidence would be demonstrable, document-able communication with someone who has died, Respectfully leaving out palm readers and crystal ball types, I think the answer has to be no.

But, something happens to the energy that was powering a person when the time of that body runs out. Remember, energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be re-used, stored, or converted into a different kind of energy. (eg heat to light, light to electricity, etc). This does lend validity to ideas of re-incarnation that are not mumbo jumbo, just difficult to track down. Again, you would almost have to talk with someone who had been one person and was now another, and had some way of convincing skeptics.

Both ideas, however hard to prove, are equally hard to disprove. Science has not yet figured out the human brain of a living person; until they do, everybody has an opinion.