Life After Death Novel

Are there people in Hell or Heaven?

I’ve be doing some research for a series of novels I’m writing and I’m kinda at a standstill now. The scripures are kind of mismash of info for example. It talks about a rich man who dies and goes to hell for his sin and Lazarus a poor man going to heaven. Though it was spoken as a parable is this the fate of ever person who dies. Jesus says he came to give us eternal life. If our soul is immotral like some claim why would he need to grant us this gift. And if hell is eternal can anyone imagine eons of torment for seventy years of sin. Please someone enlighten me.
ANother startling discovery when the russian team recorded sounds that they came from hell. I’ve heared the recording at least have a dozen times and it stills chills one spine. Its this proof that their is life after death. If possible provide some scripture or books to support your answer. Honest opinions are also welcome but please shy away from quirky comments.

Yes, there is a heaven and a hell, and no they are not accessible from earth (meaning the russian thing is a load of rubbish).
Heaven is eternal life with God and Hell is eternal death separated from God. So yes, both heaven and hell are inhabited, but i dont know if you could say the inhabitants are people, becuase are earthly bodies are just that, earthly.
We dont go to hell to be punished from sin, we go to hell becuase we are of a sinful nature, meaning we cannot have life with God (he is perfect and cannot stand sin). Jesus died to pay this price for our sins so that we can accept this gift of Gods grace and have eternal life with him.

Make sense?