Life After Death Judaism

Jews: What are some daily practices that you do to prepare yourself for the Afterlife?

I need to know for coursework, but I’m not familiar with Judaism and their daily practices. I know there’s not really a clear view on life after death and that in many cases is down to opinion, but what kind of things do you practice to determine you after life?

And also what IS your belief in the after life/ Olam Ha ba ?

answer: I don’t focus on an afterlife. I focus on living to the best of my ability in caring for my family and helping to repair the world. By keeping the mitzvot that I can and trying to connect with the divine.

answer: there are many views because the afterlife isn’t described in Judaism. Most Jews don’t focus on the afterlife, they let G-d worry about that. Jews focus on the here-and-now: keeping G-d’s commandments, studying Torah, caring for others and helping to repair the world.

Some Jews believe that when someone dies and they are righteous, they go to join G-d immediately. If they aren’t righteous they spend a short time away from G-d.

Some Jews believe that we enter a sleep-like state until the Messiah/Messianic age and then join in the new world to come.

Some Jews believe in reincarnation until the Messiah/Messianic age or until one becomes righteous enough to join G-d.