Life After Death Information

How do i get over the death of my nan?

Well my nan died in 1992 and i was born in 1993.Recently as i’ve grown up i have found myself crying over her and i miss her like crazy even though i have never met her.I’ve always been obsessed over “life after death” and believe that in some way my deceased nan was trying to contact me..there are times when i think of my nan and suddenly turn cold like shes standing over me..this may seem crazy but i need information on how i could possibly get over her death.Its affecting me more than anything else..please help

Yes Sami, I believe in life after death as well. I believe that God let your Nan, be your guardian after she passed since she couldn’t be with you on earth. Your right it probably was her standing over you. Ask folks in your family if they can give you some pictures of her,so that you can make a scrap-book of memories of her. Ask folks to tell stories they remember of her while she was alive. Keep it close too your heart always.Good Luck and God Bless You,have a wonderful life now and make your Nan proud of you. Just be at peace with it,you’ll see each other again someday,just believe.