Life After Death In Religions

Did ancient egyptians believed in life after death?

Hello. I wonder if ancient egyptians believed in life after death? Did they have some religion? Did they believe that souls go to paradise after they are dead?
Thankfull to all answers.

Egyptian religion definitely believed in life after death. The way the average Egyptian of 5,000 years ago got to heaven (an Egyptian concept, BTW) was through their leader (Pharaoh) and this is the reason for building the pyramids.

In the night sky, you can see a place in the heavens where there are no stars. This is black hole, in effect, and was thought to be the door to heaven. The pyramids all have celestial viewing windows that all focus on these sky anomalies, that is, the places in the heavens where there are no stars visible. We know from the hieroglyphic inscriptions in temples and the pyramids that this was the way the “soul” of the pharaoh was supposed to travel to that “gateway” in the sky to heaven. To the average believer in that time, the concept was clear enough that devotion to the pharaoh was almost universal among Egyptians.

Most of the modern concepts of religion and particularly Judaism, which has its roots in Egypt, come from the pharaoh period of Egypt which is over 2000 years long.

So, yes, afterlife is what Egyptian religion is all about and their day-to-day existence was a reinforcement of that belief.

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