Life After Death In Hindi

What is the solution for this one, potential employer and Facebook?

At an interview, my potential employer enquired about my Facebook page. I was uncomfortable because my Facebook account is private and would be the perfect advertisement for NOT hiring me. It’s what I do AFTER work and my outlet for being UNprofessional. Luckily, my account isn’t searchable as the name is written in Hindi and the address I use is not my business address.

In a situation like this, should I 1)say my FB page is private, 2)create another profile specifically for work 3)Change my life so that my FB page is work appropriate(woah, that feels like death).

What’s the best way to handle such a question(or request)?
BTW: I know a few people who thought they could just adjust their Privacy Setting in Facebook but sometimes FB changes their Privacy Policy and profiles return to default settings leaving the accounts viewable until they are changed back by the owner of the account.

When you present any type of document on any public domain……..your must be able to reap the benefits or the pain…..remember its a public statement and your responsible for its content… have to live with your ability to find work and support your self….if you facebook page had anything I was concerned with I would move on to the next applicant…….thousands would love to have a job……