Life After Death In Christianity

simularities and differences?

Sup all? Just a quick line, What Are some differences btween simularities and The Reincarnation of Buddhism & the cycle after death of christianity, I've Tried to reasearching ti There Are So Many different views about Christianity and after death, so "any information we reincarnation and life after death in relation to christianity Would Be helpful, or "any good websites please, simularities and differences!

Buddhism: you live, you die, you come back as a human in Anotherlife and your life goes good DEPENDING ON your past ones Christianity: you live, if you're born again, you stay in a state of eternal life, if not, eternal death, you die, you Either go to Heaven to await the New Heaven and Earth, or you go to Hell to await Judgement Day & the lake of fire. No reincarnation. IS Either your eternity With God, or Without Him.