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What did you think about the last phrase that appeared at the end of “Death Note: R2 L’s Successors?

The text read: “Once dead, they can never come back to life.”

It seems to be another/last rule of the Death Note. Not being able to come back to life after death regardless of the cause seems like a given, so it would seem confusing/pointless to add as a rule. Which is why it would imply that people who have died but not from having their name written in the book can come back to life.

What do you think of this? Any forums you can link me to that discuss this? Thanks in advance 🙂

It’s not really a given, actually. I can’t tell you how many people are convinced that the mysterious, unnamed Shinigami in the Director’s Cut one-shot special of the anime is supposed to be Light, even though that blatantly contradicts the rules of the Death Note, yanno? Not to mention the “Death Eraser” or whatever it was called, you know, from the original plan of the series. It was gonna be able to bring a human back to life back erasing their name in the Death Note, but the idea was scrapped. Even so, some fans still sort of cling onto it. So, that rule is sort of necessary to dispel these ideas.

Also, no, it doesn’t imply that it’s separating those who have died via the Death Note from those who haven’t. I mean, maybe it seems like that here, but that’s ’cause it’s being taken out of context. That rule does not stand alone. These are the final rules listed in the Death Note:
– All humans, without exception, will eventually die.
– When they die they go to MU (nothingness).
– All humans, no matter what they do in life, will go to the same place after they die. All humans are equal in death.
– Once dead, they can never come back to life.
Note the emphasis on how all humans experience the same fate.