Life After Death Essay

Christian views on life after death?

What are the key beliefs of the Christian religion on life after death?
I need to write an essay on this, therefore I must have as many points as possible.
Thanks in advance 🙂

Christians believe that after death you go to heaven or hell.

Some believe that to go to heaven you have to show good deeds and live a kind, gentle life.

Others believe that deeds don’t matter and all that matters is a belief in Jesus. That is enough to get you into heaven.

Each are entitled to their beliefs and I do not judge them anymore, for I would be wrong to do so.

Although one wonders what sort of place heaven would be, if it was full of murderers, rapists and other assorted criminals who believed in Jesus.
Yet all the good, kind, loving people who followed other religions were left out.

If this were the case, do you think heaven and hell may just balance each other out?

Research the spiritual laws of attraction, it may help you get a better perspective of opposing views.