Life After Death Dvd

The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect DVD?

Ok so its not a question, just wanted to say I just watched this last night and it is awesome. I consider Curt as one of my favorites of all time and even I learned a lot from it. Also has some great matches on it. The promo with him and Flair is hilarious where he checks out the chicks goods and then spits out the nasty grape. Frickin fantastic. Anyhoo, just in case anyone was considering checking it out i give it 10 stars yo.

WQ: (so yall wont kill me lol)

What do yall think about his induction into the HoF after his death? He died from a coke overdose. Do you think his induction was well deserved after his amazing career, or did his actions leading to his death taint his legacy?

2008 was IMO a banner year for WWE dvds hands down. There were so many good releases, but I agree with you that this is one of the best ones that they have done. They only drawback to the dvd is that i wish they would of covered more about his time in WCW.

WA- I think he deserved to take his place in the HOF regardless of what lead to his death. The HOF is about ones contribution to the wrestling industry not so much out of the ring. The same could be said about Eddie Guerrero who’s drug use did lead to his early end of life.