Life After Death Debate

How can anyone possibly debate upon the question Is there life after death?

No one will ever ever ever ever ever ever know so how can we even have an opinion? am i right or wrong again as usual?
This is a poll
Excuse me before i read any more answers i did not say what MY beliefs or thoughts are on the subject. Everyone has their own thoughts. I asked for yours. not for you to critisise mine as you don`t know what they are anyway. All i say is who can prove one way or another ( No one.) your opinions are truly appreciated

This a true story or I want to believe it so. A cousin of mine passed away last month. He died very suddenly of a heart attack while asleep. He had a grandson, aged 4 years old, who was very attached to him and followed him everywhere. When my cousin died, his wife and the parents of the boy were worried about how to break the news to him. Finally a neighbour, a woman psychologist, said to tell him that his granddad had gone to live in heaven. So they told him. He took the news with sadness and went to his room where he stayed for some time. Then, he came out and came downstairs and asked one of my nieces if she had known my aunt, my cousin’s mother, she said yes and asked why the question. The little chap told her that it was because she, my aunt, had gone into his room to tell him that his grandad was all right and was now with her and to tell all the family not to be sad. My aunt died 5 years ago. The boy never met her.

For stories like this and the desire to transcend, humans like to think of an afterlife. Maybe there is, maybe there is not. We’ll all get to find out sometime.