Life After Death Christian Beliefs

Where do we go after life if all of us have different beliefs…?

Lately I’ve been feeling distant from my religion and feeling overwhelmed with the thought of death and losing sleep over anxiety attacks of wondering whats next and doubting my own beliefs….

But I was curious, since a lot of people have reportedly had Near Death Experiences (NDE) what happens with everyone having a different view of the final outcome and their god or gods? Christians believe that their god is the only one god, but what if the other religions are right about having multiple ones?

I could really use some info on the afterlife and also just help with this dilemma from both people who’ve had a legit NDE and also strong believers in Christ to make sense of things.

Thank you all in advanced.

You go into the ground. That’s it. When you die, you are gone. Your imaginary friend in the sky is not going to take you to a happier place because you wasted your life trying to make him happy. Kudos for finally beginning to realize religion is bullsh*t. Just try to relax and live your life the best you can with hurting as few people as possible, helping as many as you can, and just overall trying to be a good and happy person.