Life After Death Book

Is there a good book about life after death? (With more than a scientific point of view)?

I want a book of fiction in which someone the experience of dying and life after, but I do not want to be a stereotypical version of life after ghosts or in heaven or something. I mean it's more of an agnostic / atheist point of view, and spiritual, not religious. Is there something where someone dies and not go to a place (like heaven), where everyone will die, but just sort of wander through the memories of your brain dies and his future life becomes a dream that could have? Although he did not die, something like Sagan Contact the year end would be good. Thank you.

There is no point scientifically about life after death. It is totally out of the real science. Scientifically, which are bundles of energy and matter, and when they die, they just stopped. The energy is gone. No brain function, more life.