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BA’s new cabin crew uniforms?

British Airways, anxious to gain some Brownie points after the f**k up about devout Christian staff wearing crosses.
BA say over 300 flights (supects in the growing murder enquiry now number an astonishing 33,000 passengers and 3,000 staff ) to and from Russia and Heathrow have been identified by the UK government as part of the investigation into the death of Alexander Litvinenko…. with one of the rarest elements on Earth which seems to have been spread across London and (now) Europe.

Please click here to have a sneak preview of the new BA uniform.

Do you think other airlines might copy BA?
How many years will the staff have to wear these, while on duty, considering the half-life of most radio active stuff?
How has this affected the sales of tickets at BA?

The passenger carying the deadly Pollonium-210, that killed Alexander Litvinenko, travelled by BA. The security measures of the airline are not fool proof considering the contamination and the nature of the contamination.

This is a flag carrier, not a cheap holiday airline. Passengers expect better security. While the management were busy wasting time, being Politically Correct with the staff uniform, they suffered this lapse in security. Considering the cost aspect is it too much to ask for such checks?

There has been talk of terrorists attempting an attack on London, with a ‘dirty bomb’, for many months now!