Life After Death Bible

Is there any life after death?

I know that no one can prove this but i just want your ideas people. I am not going to commit a suicide, I just want to know!!! I don’t believe in in god and jesus nor in religion. so please don’t come here and say “well! it’s written in bible, thus there is an heaven that you go there and an hell that i go there =)) hehehe!”
How you explain this stuff???? who is god? what is life after death? is there any ghost? or …. any scientific answer?

You know that no one can prove, but you want to know. How’s that?
You don’t believe in God and Jesus, how can you believe whether you have an immortal soul or not? If you have one, you will live on after your death, but in which way I cannot tell you.
A scientific answer does, to my knowledge, not exist.
Sorry I cann’t tell you more.