Life After Death Articles

LIFE after Death? Please tell me about this……?

Please tell me if there is “life after death”, …Please tell then why when someone very close to us dies, why they do not “contact” or in some way, show themselves to those wanting some sort of communication. Please dont tell me there are “signs” ….in the wind or something like that, I am looking for some sort of “proof ” IF INDEED there is any, not just from a religous view but from all views. Ex-if a little girls mother dies, and there is life after death, why would that mother not somehow contact that little girl for comfort, …..The same goes for an adult who loses their father, etc. Your opinions are welcome, but if anyone has any good articles from a more scientific side, not only religion, that’d be great, thanks in advance.

I don’t have science and you don’t want just religious views, so I’ll tell you from experience. Many years ago my grandmother came to me after her death and we carried on a full conversation. We weren’t not that close, so I was surprised, pleasantly, that she visited me instead of my father who was incredibly distraught. However, I can tell you instead of being frightened by her presence, I felt a calm and peacefulness that I had never experienced before. It was phenomenal!

Many years past, my mom became ill, and I took care of her in her dying days. While we set and talked she would look past me, smile and ask if I saw them…She would never tell me who they were, but she mentioned her deceased father several times. When she passed away, both my son who was extremely close to her and I had dreams where she was dead, yet we were able to ask her things and get answers. One time my son and I dreamed a similar dream on the same night with her repeating close to the same things to us.

So is there an afterlife? You bet there is…not only have I seen it, but God has promised us.