Life After Death Album Cover

In its opinion best concept albums. Any kind of music?

Opeth "Still Life is a journey of sounds – the man returns to town home after being evicted from his former home as a heretic. (The Moro) – The man sees the love of children (Melinda) came to the house. (Sorry God) – The man who pushed the idea Melinda to flee with him. (Ignorance) – The man follows Melinda home under cover of night to avoid being seen by anyone who knows her crime. (Moonlapse Vertigo) – The man who discovered and Melinda is already married. Even so, they convince him to flee. She agreed because, although married, she still loves him really. (face of Melinda) – While they trying to escape, Melinda was killed for his crimes against her husband. The man swears he will take revenge, even if it kills. (Serenity Painted Death) – The man hangs up. (White cluster) is used to find yours

Dream Theater Scenes from a Memory. " It's more of a future classic.