Length Of Marriage Before Divorce

length of marriage before divorce
Question about immigration and marriage in Canada?

Hi, I am interested in the topic of immigration & marriage… I just want to know what the process would be if a Canadian girl went to somewhere like Turkey and married a turkish man… and then he wanted to come to live in Canada?
1. How would they decide if it is a legitimate marriage?
2. How long after the marriage before he could come to Canada?
3. How long would you have to be married for him to become a citizen of Canada?
4. How long would you have to be married for her to become a citizen of Turkey- could she become a turkish citizen if they lived in Canada?
5. At what point could you get a divorce but have him still be able to stay in Canada afterwards?
6. Is there a length of time between getting divorced and getting married again?
7. One more question.. would she have to stay in Turkey for any length of time for some reason??

Thank you!!! This is just for curiousity purposes…

If he wanted to come to Canada, the Canadian girl would have to apply to sponsor him for permanent residency (PR). She doesn’t have to show income to sponsor a spouse but she would be responsible for him for the next 3 years after he becomes a PR. That is, if he can’t find a job and goes on welfare or finds a way to collect disability, she would be responsible to pay it back to the Canadian government.

1. They look at your evidence which you may provide like photos of you together, letters, emails, chat-logs and phonebills showing that you talk to each other a lot, pictures of your wedding etc. If they are not convinced, they call you for an interview and ask you a lot of questions you would know if you were in a real relationship or had spent some time together. I have heard of questions like what are the ages and names of the others siblings, does your partner snore, how often do they poop etc.

2. A Turkish guy needs a visa to come to Canada. If he was able to get a visit visa, he could come right away but not work. It would be wise to get the application processed in Turkey instead of in Canada because it is faster regardless of him being over for a visit or not. The sponsorship approval would first take one month and then 4-7 months in Turkey, see http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/international/05-fc-spouses.asp#europe and then he would get PR in Canada and be able to come and work, go to school or whatever he wants.

3. They can get divorced right away. Once he has PR, it will not be taken away from him. He needs to live in Canada as a PR for 3 years before he can apply for citizenship and stay out of trouble but that has nothing to do with him still being married.

4. According to the Turkish Consulate in London, see http://www.turkishconsulate.org.uk/en/questio.htm#applyingforturkishnationality it says that a foreign spouse may apply for Turkish Nationality after 3 years of marriage if they intend to reside in Turkey but it doesn’t say if or how they want them to prove that they intend to reside in Turkey.

5. Right away, but it usually takes a year of separation first before they can get a divorce.

6. Once they have their 1 year separation and get their divorce through the courts, she can get married again but while she is financially responsible for the Turkish husband, 3 years after he gets his PR, she can not sponsor anyone else.

7. No