Judaism Life After Death

World History help… (3 Questions)?

1. Which of the following is a consequence of the Crusades?
A. Christians gained control of the Holy Land
B. Medieval manors no longer required labor force
C. The decline of the isolated manorial economic system
D. European rulers lost interest in world affairs

2. The major conflict(s) that the Christian world had with the Muslims during the Middle ages was/were due to:
A. The desire to spread the principles of the Koran
B. The desire to form a government, economic, and social system
C. Religious inspiration to wage war and acquire new territories
D. All of the above

3. Islam differed from Christianity and Judaism in that it:
A. Did not believe in life after death
B. Was not monotheistic
C. Did not have a code of behavior for believers
D. Encouraged the warrior class to wage war in order to achieve paradise in the afterlife