Jews Life After Death

Why don’t the Jews become Muslim?

Really, what is your valid reason? i don’t want any bad language or racism or that sort of brainless crap.
Islam believes in one G-d, the same G-d as you whether he’s called Y-H-V-H (Jehovah) or Allah or any other name, he’s the same.
Islam believes in the Prophets, Abraham, Moses, Jacob (Israel), Isaac, Ismael etc (PBUT)
Islam shares very similar laws of conduct as we acknowledge the laws of Moses and the other Prophets and Prophet Muhammed (SAW) confirmed them.
We believe in angels and in life after death.
We believe in the holy books, the Tanakh (Toraht) and the Psalms (zaboor).

We believe in all this and more, so what are you missing? What is your reason and what would you like to know more about? If you are waiting for an invitation, then I am openly putting my hand out towards you. Welcome brother!

Very simply put- Islam does not follow halacha (jewish law) The Torah is evry clear that Halacha is eternal and will never change- no matter what happens. It is very clear that the laws in the Torah are the only ones that count, that ANY attempts to change them, no matter how many miracles accompany the person trying to change them, even if it is but a single letter, is merely a test of our faith and must be rejected

And yes, in terms of beliefs Islam is a lot closer to judaism than Christianity, in terms of laws Islam is much closer to Judaism than is Christianity- but closer does not mean the same. Closer means that you have adopted more of what we believe in than the Christians did, but since you do not keep and follow every single letter of the Torah amd Mishnah (oral law), what you practice is not Judaism and has to be rejected.