Jewish Life After Death

dose anyone have the time to explain to me about different religions and beliefs? *10 points?

i looked into Christianity a year ago and it didnt very interest me. i was wondering if others could share there knowledge of their religion or if someone could explain religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Muslim, Jewish, life after death, rituals or beliefs or so on. i would appreciate it, thanks

please, dont comment that i should have put this in the religion section.

Ok i’ll try my best here goes haha.. religion boils down to one question: WHAT HAPPENS AFTER WE DIE?!?! Its that belief that ties all of the religions together and is where most if not all religions derive from.

Christianity without Jesus(no new testament for them)
-Tweaked version of Christianity but basically the same thing.

Religion is also a way for people to explain the unnatural without having to really think about it, and is also a good source of purpose to peoples lives to keep them focused and productive, as well as a basic guideline for good living and it also brings people with the common interest together.(which can be either good or bad in some cases haha.)

I was born a catholic but i was brought up in a Seventh Day Adventist school and what i could tell you from my experience is that depending on the way you interpret it, the Bible is a guideline to what is morally right and wrong and in many ways just says how to live a wholesome healthy life and i don’t think thats ever a bad thing hah.

So really in my honest opinion religions not bad, it’s always gonna be there if your ever need to fill up an empty void in your life and are just willing to accept it wholeheartedly. which is why the only people that make me rage are the people who say there isn’t anything out there cuz hellooo its also in the Bible that there’d be an increase of people like that.

but yup i am 18 yrs old and currently agnostic(not ready to fully commit yet, dont wanna be a hypocrite) though, so yeah hope I whatever i said helped at all and i hope i didn’t say anything that seemed really dumb and got you confused. 🙂