Jewish Beliefs On Life After Death

Christians, why does God allow Hell to exist?

Why does it have to be eternal torment and not temporal renewal like Purgatory or the Jewish belief of Purgatory or Gehenna? Why does God completely give up on souls after death when he can just as well “help” them considering He is all powerful and therefore he could destroy the devil and lift all “damned” souls to Heaven! What’s the point of life if most our fellow humans are going to hell anyway for example what would it profit a Muslim child to die and go to Hell because his parents rejected the divinity of Jesus, is Hell just a ploy do you only love God out of fear of damnation!?
Ray G “some”?

Most people go Hell it says so in scripure, the majority of Christians go to Hell just like all schismatic, heretics, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists ?

If there were no hell, there would be no choice to make. God loves us enough to allow us to decide to choose Him over hell. The amazing part is that people who refuse to choose God want to have the ability to refuse to choose hell as well. They want it both ways (AKA their way). Unfortunately, they will some day find that there is an almighty God who will judge them according to His standards, not theirs.