Islamic Marriage Divorce

islamic marriage divorce
Does secret marriage (Nikah ‘urfi) still exist in Arabic countries,especially in Saudi Arabia? How that works?

I know it is common in Egypt, but how about in Saudi Arabia?

It is similar to the Nikah ceremony. An urfi marriage is a marriage without an official contract. Couples repeat the words, “We got married” and pledge commitment before God. Usually a paper, stating that the two are married, is written and two witnesses sign it. Most Islamic countries do not recognize ‘Urfi marriages. Neither partner can get a ‘legal’ divorce since the government does recognize the legality of the marriage in the first place.

excuse me My English is not that good but i will try to answer your question

Mirage conditions ( if one of them missing the mirage is off or is not right )

– announce the husband and the wife , that means the man knows the women he is marrying and the women knows the man she is marrying .

– they both agree on each other. with no interfere from anybody else

– the woman must have someone in charge ; her father, brother, grandfather, uncle, ….

– two adult men to justify the mirage.

– they both , the man and the woman , are available ( umm hard to describe ) I’ll tell you a story .. once upon time there was two women one of them delivered a boy and the other one delivered a girl … the boy or the girl has been breast-fed from the other’s mom.. 25 years later the boy wants to marry the girl. then, he can’t because she is like a sister to him…

these are mirage conditions or rules I remember…maybe there are more… but these are concerned with your question

In Saudi Arabia, if one of those rules is not applicable then the mirage won’t go on.

‘urfi marriages are not recognized here in saudi arabia… because it misses some of the rules or conditions I mentioned earlier. and it if the man slept with the woman it’ll be considered as an adultery criminal. as far as I know

the legal divorce in ‘urfi marriages is to burn or cut the paper singed by the man and the woman… which, imo, shows how wrong this mirage is… I am not here to judge

I hope that I answered your question