Islam Marriage Divorce

islam marriage divorce
Divorce in Islam?

I am a Muslim woman and my marriage is finished. What do I do? I am so depressed, it wasn’t my chioce to be divorced. I love my husband and he loves me still but we tried and it doesn’t work. He says he is still going to pay all of my bills and always be there for me as my best friend. We have no children and we were married for 2 years. Any advice from Muslims, Inshallah.
We are getting divorced because we just have 2 completly different life styles. I like to stay home and he likes to go out and be around people. He also flirts with girls when he is with his friends and online as well. I told him I cannot trust him when he is going out and talking to girls instead of spending time with me. We got married too fast, we loved eachother from the first look.

sorry to hear that sister. how about marriage counseling did you try that?
i mean if you two love each others so much why get divorced. you can over come your problems with love and understanding.

May Allah be with you and no matter what happens know that it’s what’s best for you and Allah knows what we don’t know.

best of luck sis.