Is There Life After Death Christianity

Islam, christianity, Judaism…. are they really different religions?

Considering that over 99% of the religions are identical, is it really correct to say “three montheistic religions” ?
I know there are differences, but these are trivial – for instance whether jesus is the “son of god” or not. I mean really, how much meaning is there in this description? How is jesus the son of god any more than anyone else can be called the “son of god”?
Then there are minor things like form of prayer, eating kosher food etc. These are minor things.
The major things that are in common include:
– The story of creation
– God as the sole creator and deity
– The concept of heaven and hell, as punishment or reward for following gods commands
– the concept of life after death
– most stories in the quraan and bible are 100% copied from the hebrew scripts

So really, instead of saying three religions, we can say one religion, with different flavours.
Do you agree?

Although they come from the same source, they are somewhat different.
This was caused by human inputs in all three faiths.
Jews and Muslims substituted traditional Laws for God’s laws and Christians invented the Trinity..
Then later on when Politics kidnapped the three faiths, Muslims made it clear that there will be no peace until Islam conquers the world; Christians condemned Jews for killing Jesus and Jews hit back by condemning Jesus as the bastard son of a Jewish whore.

Remove politics and traditions from all three faiths and there will be no need for three different Religions.