Is The Life After Death

Why do religous folks belive a life after death is so important?

Everything else eventually dies why not humans? YOu religious folks ask atheists to try and think and explain what the world would be like if there was a god. How about the religious folks explaining what it would be like by showing examples of what the world would be like without a god
Is permanent death so terrible? it follows the natural order of nature. The Rest In Peace would be exactly what permanent death would be like HOw can that be a bad thing?

Believing in god and heaven makes them feel better, like this life actually means something. And they also like to hide behind god instead of taking responsibility for their own lives. Like when they say they’ll pray about whether god wants them to have this new job and if they don’t get it they say “oh it wasn’t god’s will”. Maybe you just suck and you weren’t qualified enough??

I know of some christians who actually picked their husband or wife based on a “sign” from god. Absolutely ridiculous.

Christianity is just a crutch for weak people.