Interracial Marriage Divorce

interracial marriage divorce
The divorce rate of interracial marriages?

Do anyone know who has the highest divorce rate in interracial marriages. Also who stay married the longest in interracial marriages?

I researched this myself not long ago after seeing a few idiots quoting an obviously imaginary statistic of 90% divorces for IR couples. The closest thing I came up with was a 10-year-old report by the CDC, which is in itself based on data from 1995. I’ve cited the full report link below; the relevant data for first marriages is on page 65 of the report. Of course I’d recommend reading more of the tables to be sure that’s the info you actually want.

I never did find any current, reliable studies. But society has changed so much in the past decade that I’d be quite comfortable predicting that the IR divorce rate has gone even lower since the 90’s. Logically speaking, since we know ahead of time we may have to work a little harder at things, we tend not to give up on our marriages so easily.