Interracial Marriage Divorce Rates

interracial marriage divorce rates
Studies saying that interracial marriages are more prone to divorce?

I’ve seen several references on Y!A saying that mixed marriages have a higher divorce rate. That’s horribly shocking.

I would think that the love of two people who found something other than skin color to bond them would be pretty strong. Plus the cultural differences keep things from ever getting stale.

Does anyone have references to actual studies and statistics that support this claim of higher divorce rates among mixed couples?

I haven’t been married but a year, however I’ve been with this woman for 5 years in March.

We’ve gone through the initial rejection from her Dad, but he soon realized I was a good guy and loved his daughter with everything that I am. We get along famously now.

I went through the loss of an entire side of my family because of my relationship, and all it did was make my bond with my wife that much stronger. If those that have claimed to love you since your beginnings, can after 25 years, dispose of you because of the race of the person you date…I’d rather not have them in my life.