Information On Divorce

information on divorce
Please give me information on finding divorce records.?

I know that you can go down to the local courthouse to search for divorce records, but how do you find the records of a divorce that happened out of state? Are courthouse records available on line? Does doing a records search on websites like Intelius give you divorce information?

you need to go to the superior court online website for the state/county that the marriage took place.

you need to know the county the marriage took place as it will be linked up with the divorce records as well.

if you have the divorce information then do the same, superior court for the state the divorce took place in; you need to know the county.

the intelius and ones like that may not have that kind of information so it would not be in your best interest to pay that site money only to find out that they dont have it even though they say they might. i for one would go to the superior court web site – quite easy.