Infidelity In Marriage Divorce

infidelity in marriage divorce
Has marriage become an outdated cultural value?

Since more or less half of all marriages end in divorce, and infidelity has yet to cease to exist, has marriage as an institution become too outmoded for our society? Or are we simply degenerating as a culture?

You seem like a smart person who thinks outside the box. I am dyslectic so I never found the box in the first place.

Anyways, marriage is just another form of structure that government (of any kind) created to form a more perfect union. However, marriage seem to be the most natural structure that (wo)man have ever build.

Marriage is outdated only if society have failed to make use of it. Social science claim that in able for a child’s mind to developed normally (whatever that means) that child would need a male and female to play out (demonstrate) the gender role.

Hope it helps.