Images Of Life After Death

is there any religion that believes like this ?

ok well first off this is a weird question and don’t get mad or yell “BLASPHEMY” cause this is what i believe in.

1 all religions are really 1 religion
( god creates man , man creates god )
2 god in NOT perfect
( no 1 is perfect and god created us in his image )
3 when u die u do not go to heaven or hell , u ascend to pure energy beings.
(Einstein believed in life after death because energy can not be created nor destroyed , but it can move and alter forms , thus the energy that gives us life [the electrical impulses in our brain and entire body] simply leave our bodies )

these are the main parts of it but their are more to it like god is not the first , he is just the 1 that made us and some 1 else made him

sorry , spelling error , 2 god –is– not perfect
not god in not perfect

*shrugs* nice question 😉 *kiss*