How To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

how to save your marriage from divorce
Has anyone ever bought these e-books that promise to save your marriage & have you found they worked?

I’m wondering if I’m being self delusional or whether i can really save my marriage by following this (reverse psychology) advice. My husband left 9 months ago – blazon mid life stuff. I’m divorcing him and just as the decry nisi was announced he got all ” can we be a couple again…” i got all hopeful etc . His then girl friend got wind sent me text saying it’s her he loves and her he wants – while he told me it was finished between them. How ever he now seems withdrawn from me. Trouble is he re-lite my fire and I’m back where i was emotionally when he first left- i had thought i gotton over him. I see him for Kids hand over only he keeps saying we will talk but never does make time. Is this a lost cause or does this method work?

I know what your going through remember he has a skank that’s telling him everything he wants to hear. About the books some are helpful and they can help get you through some bad times. My husband left me for 2 1/2 years but came back to me more in love then when we were first married. He has been back 11 years now and is still very much in love with me. This is what i did it was very hard at times but i stuck with it. First if the two of you have kids together that will keep him coming back which is good because you can use that time to let him see that you have changed and your not the same woman he left. The night he left me i said to him, when you figure out what you want and realize it’s been in your own back yard the whole time but was just to blind to see, it just might be to late for you to do anything about it because i might not be here for you. That got him thinking he could loss me to another man and that’s what you want him to think. Do not let him think you are sitting in the house night after night waiting for him to call you. My husband had a girlfriend also he just didn’t no that i knew about her but i did the whole time. He had his own apartment he didn’t want me to ever find out about her so i let him think that i didn’t no. I had to out smart her i had to think the way she was thinking. When my husband would come to see his son who was 15 at the time i was so sweet to him even though at times i felt like killing him. I would always saying i understood why he couldn’t stay or why he couldn’t come to visit. What this was doing was making his girlfriend the bad guy because every time she would say something negative about me he would take up for me saying i wasn’t like that. Even though it hurt a lot when he wouldn’t come over i would say i understood every time. After 9 months we started going out here and there and he would spend the night with me and i would spend the next Saturday night with him at his apartment we never stopped having sex the whole time he was gone. To me that was most important to keep that going so he wouldn’t get to caught up in her. He slowly started to see through her and how she was trying to keep him away from his own son and me. The more demands she tried to put on him the more he wanted to see me until he moved back home. There is a lot more to this story and a lot of nights i cried myself to sleep. One thing i kept in mind was i had to get my husband back. I had to out smart this woman who knew he was a married man and who was a co-worker of his so that made it that much harder for me. I knew what i had to do i had to make him see that i was the prefect wife he had a chance of losing to someone one else. I never let him see what he was doing was taring me up inside i knew that would make me look weak it would be something his girlfriend who love to use on me. Hang in there and be strong remember you are still his wife and that has a lot of pull. If you want him back then go after him like she did.