How To Get A Divorce

how to get a divorce
I can I get her to not leave me after cheating?

My wife is leaving me because, like a fool, I had sex with her sister and the truth was spilled. So now she wants a divorce, child support, I can’t even begin to describe what kind of headache this has turned into. How on Earth can I get her to forgive me? Her sister is the one who seduced me not the other way around. She is a total ‘party’ chick whereas my wife is not. Is there any hope I can get a second chance?

There are two reasons why you don’t deserve another chance. Number one, obviously, because you screwed up so bad. Number two, and perhaps more importantly, because you STILL won’t even acknowledge that it’s your fault. “Her sister is the one who seduced me, she is a party chick” – you sound like a pathetic little boy. Have you never heard of the concept of free will? It doesn’t matter how seductive the sister was, if you were a man of honour and integrity, you could have been locked in a room with the most beautiful naked woman in the world and you would not have done anything wrong. She may have been offering, but it was up to you to say “thanks but no thanks”.