How To Divorce Proof Your Marriage

how to divorce proof your marriage
A question for “gay marriage” advocates…?

I have made up my mind.

I have decided to divorce my husband, and marry my favorite coffee cup.

Will you support me in my efforts to legalize the RIGHT of human beings and coffee cups to get married?

I know what you’re thinking — a coffee cup is not a consenting human being.

But I absolutely KNOW that my coffee cup loves me. And it’s bigotry and “cupophobia” for the government to ban us from marriage.

How dare the government tell me that my coffee cup doesn’t love me, when it has no proof to the contrary!

So, “gay marriage” advocates … I know how much you guys are into the idea of hijacking a heterosexual union and making it your own.

If it’s bigotry to oppose the idea of two men or two women getting married, don’t you think it’s also bigotry to oppose me and my coffee cup getting hitched?

Won’t you join me in my fight for equality and marriage rights? If you really believe what you say you believe, you simply cannot say no.

Sorry but….fail. Poor analogy.

There really is no good argument against gay marriage. Even if you believe homosexuality is wrong and a sin, who are we to make our beliefs the law? That just seems wrong. Why do people care about gay marriage anyway, unless they are gay?