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I want to improve the online education and certification in certain areas. Money is a problem.?

I am a graduate university with a title that has nothing to do with my workspace over the past 30 years. I am also a veteran with no benefits because of the passage of time. I am very interested in taking correspondence or online at areas including speciffic health, fitness and well-being (I am a very good coach and current experience and personal trainer) and the computer such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Finanncial Funding will be a necessity for me. Another issue to me a friend is what financial aid options are available for convicted felons who have served their sentence and want to get on track toward self-sufficiency. She is a parent and have access to my PC, if it boils down to that. Thank you

I highly recommend an online school. Some are legitimate. most are not .. Univ of Phoenix has continued to practice unlawful with respect to taxes, etc. I also know that they keep any excess aid for future classes .. not supposed to do. It is a program with DHS if you have a disability to be a veteran to help pay for tuition and books .. Contact management veterans that have subsidies for people like u.. GL